My first rocking chair

Posted on , by Bruno DUVAL
My first rocking chair

The origins

At night sitting on the couch I like to take a book or watch a movie. The seat, deep and soft, is an invitation to stroll.
Unfortunately my back doesn’t like this big sofa; it is all rounded, forgetting its natural shape, so elegant in S. And at night my martyred back remembers me; it pinches the nerves, passing through the spine, which in turn contract muscles and pinch other nerves.
The calm usually returns only after 2 to 3 days.

The quest

So one day I started looking for a chair that was both comfortable and respectful of my back.
It was not to be too deep for the back to be pressed against the record, nor too short.
I wanted a seat tilted back enough for my weight to be split between seat and back. But not too inclined to be able to watch a movie… or sometimes more inclined to rest.

I found only one-size-fits-all chairs, as if the same seating could be suitable for a person of 1.50 meters or 2 meters.

The concept

Having not found chair on my back I finally decided to draw one.
And as I wanted others to enjoy it I built it to be able to easily change its dimensions. And to be able to enjoy it everywhere I wanted to remove it.
In the end I opted for a model consisting of 4 panels cut out on a digital order. In the program I slipped parameters that allow me to simply change its dimensions and inclination.
The panels have slots that allow it to be assembled and disassembled without a tool.
So my seat was born.

A chair designed for my back

Once my first custom chair was designed, cut and tested, I followed up on a “rocking chair” version. This allows me to instantly change the tilt of the seat according to the activity.
The rocking movement also allows to contract, relax the muscles of the spine; this pinch-relaxation movement would explain the beneficial effect of the rocking chair to prevent back pain. At least that’s what Kennedy’s doctor thought when she prescribed him a rocking chair. Elected president is said to have installed them in Air Force One and the residence of the American presidents at Camp David.

My rocking seat in Valchromat Orange with its anthracite cushions