What cushion for garden furniture?

Posted on , by Bruno DUVAL

The cushions in our chairs or garden lounges are weathered, and age prematurely. So what solution can be chosen so that our cushions retain their original comfort and colours?

But what harm do they suffer from?

When they are alone the cushions of our garden living room are subjected to the effects of humidity, frost, dust, heat, UVs.
When sitting on it they react to sunscreens, rubbing and crushing.
Not to mention the claws of cats or the guano of piafs.

The traditional cushion

It is usually made up of a foam, 2 cm to 6 cm thick and a fixed or removable cover.
If your garden furniture is under a shelter or you take care to bring in your cushions when the weather is permanently bad this solution is both the most comfortable and the most aesthetic, because you can choose the color and décor you want.
Our tips: –
opt for cushions with removable covers – avo
id waterproof fabrics on which one sweats in the summer
– a waterproof fabric will allow the cushions to dry quickly, while being br
eathable – too dark the cushion stores heat and too light it dazzles when the sun gives; opt for light grey cushions or colour

The 3D knit ventilated cushion

The 3D knit consists of a 3-dimensional knitted polyester yarn.
The knitting is airy and therefore allows air and water to pass through (polyester fiber unlike a cotton fiber does not absorb water).
Its black color is not messy (as its structure is airy it does not store a significant amount of heat).
Rainwater passes through and to wash it you can simply pass it through water. To dry the cushion shake it, as if you were wringing the salad.
The heat of your body warms the air that circulates freely through the mesh. Your thermoregulation is not hindered and your perspiration does not stain the cushion.
Its limits:
– the thickness is between 2 and 3 cm (but 3 cm is enough for a garden chair in terms of comfort) – it ex
ists only in black (but black goes with everyth
ing) – it is more expensive than a traditional cushion (count fifty euros for a cushion of 45 x 45 x3 cm) but it dampens over time

Ventilsit's 3D cushion

The synthetic lawn cushion

Bespoke Garden Lounge My Seat at Me

Or how to divert a material? There are synthetic lawns with strands up to 45 mm long to bring a comfortable side to the cushion.
The synthetic lawn is designed for outdoor use and can withstand rain, frost, hail, heat and UFUs.
Green it does not store heat and air circulates between the strands. If you are in shorts or skirts it does not fear contact with the skin and does not promote perspiration either.
It washes with water and to dry it you can just shake it.
Its price is equivalent to that of a foam cushion.
Did you know that? The synthetic lawn comes in a palette of colours (red, yellow, grey, blue, etc.).
Its limits:
– in green it gives a kitsch look to the garden salon (personally I like a lot but tastes and colors …)
– it is not as comfortable as a foam cushion (but much more comfortable than a bare seat)