Library chairs for reading

Posted on , by Bruno DUVAL

The chair is a place of reading par excellence. It must be comfortable so that one can devour a novel comfortably. But from an ergonomic point of view how can it be improved to make a convenient chair to read?

Incorporate a shelf into the chair to store books

To store a dozen books this chair incorporates a side shelf. You can store a dozen books or its reader which allows to store in a small volume a large library.
This vintage-style library armchair is available from €169 on On the comfort side it offers the best: manufacturing according to your measurements, the possibility to choose a short or long backrest, high-resilience bultex foam cushion.
You can even set the width of your shelf for paperbacks or larger comics.

Chair dedicated to reading with its side shelf
Reading chair with its small library shelf

A reading lamp

In order not to damage your eyes you will need good lighting. On this model of reading chair made in Valchromat (10 colors of your choice) you can have a built-in LED reader; it only illuminates your book and will not interfere with your roommates.

Red library chair with built-in lighting for reading
Red blibilotheque chair with lighting

Combine armchair and library into a smart piece of furniture

You are looking for a smart chair to store up to 300 pounds. this model is for you. It is custom made; you'll be able to so adapt its shelves according to the size of the books you want to store there … or depending on your morphology. It can be equipped with a swivel base to access books if the chair is in a corner of the room.

Library chair to store up to 300 books - front view
Library chair to store up to 300 books

The USB socket built into the chair

To recharge your reader or smartphone the USB socket can be integrated into the chair.

Read in the chair with a Kindle
Reader with USB socket