• Red Spacio custom-made sofa, for indoor or outdoor use
  • Red Spacio custom-made sofa, for indoor or outdoor use
Red Spacio custom-made sofa, for indoor or outdoor use zoom_in

Red Sofa Spacio, made to measure, for indoor and outdoor use

  • Reference: S-LANG-9-18-VALC

The Spacio is a red sofa designed for indoor or outdoor use.
It can be disassembled to be moved or stored in a compact space. The assembly require no tools.
It is made to order according to your measurements or the dimensions of your terrace. No matter how tall or small or medium you are this sofa will fit you perfectly..
Mostly made of birch wood, it is the result of an eco-responsible design.

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The blue Spacio sofa  is designed for indoor or outdoor use with FINCOF® panels, consisting of birch veneers coated on both sides with a smooth phenolic film. The surface coating guarantees high resistance to abrasion and punching. It is unaffected by weather, humidity, heat and products.

This chair for indoor or outdoor use has a structure made of 4 panels with slots; it can be dismantled without tools to be moved or stored in a compact space.

Because we believe that an armchair should be cut like a piece of clothing, according to your size, we will ask you for your measurements to make to order a seat adapted to your morphology. Take your measurements by following the guide

Another advantage of this made-to-measure manufacture is that you can adapt the width of your chair according to the space you have available.

Red is the most beautiful color in many civilizations. Red and beautiful are synonymous in Russian. Red Square in Moscow is a bad translation of Beautiful Square. It is the color of the sun, and not only when it is rising for the Japanese. Guess what color a Japanese child draws the sun? Red, of course.

Data sheet

  • Seat foam

    High resilience Bultex firm foam with a density of 40 Kg/m3. Thickness 50 mm. Bultex is a high quality foam for a lasting support.

  • Backrest foam

    Bultex high resilience PU foam 30 Kg/m3 thickness 50 mm for a lasting support and comfort

  • Seat angle

    The angle of the seat is 9° (to the ground) and the angle of the backrest is 18° (to the vertical).

  • Frame

    19 mm thick Valchromat panels, tinted with organic dyes. On the surface there are small pure wood fibres which have not absorbed the organic dyes.

  • About manufacturing

    Made in France (in Vendée). Precision machining of the panels on numerical control.

  • Delivery and assembly

    Delivery flat-pack to reduce CO2 emission, in a wooden crate. The grooved panels can be assembled without tools (some accessories may require the use of a screwdriver for assembly).

  • Maintenance

    The cushions are removable. The panels can be cleaned with a cloth soaked in liquid soap.

  • Armchair color