• Kitchen stool "Pointillés" with bottle holder.
  • Kitchen stool "Pointillés" with bottle holder.
  • Kitchen stool "Pointillés" with bottle holder.
  • Kitchen stool "Pointillés" with bottle holder.
Kitchen stool "Pointillés" with bottle holder. zoom_in

Kitchen stool "Pointillés" with bottle holder.

  • Reference: T-POINT-BOUT-0-0-MDF

Save storage space with this stool that has built-in storage for 3 bottles. You can store a white, a red and a rosé or bottles of oil or vinegar, or jars of cereals for breakfast.
Choose its height between 46 and 86 cm depending on your height and the height of the table or bar.
Depending on the height of the seat and your height, it may or may not have a footrest.
The seat is equipped with an easy-to-clean foam rubber cushion. The base is protected against stains by four natural oils (water-repellent effect).

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Advantages of the "Pointillés" custom-made stool

The choice of the height of the stool allows you to adapt it to your morphology and to your environment.
By choosing a seat height equal to the height of the work surface minus 20 to 35 cm (on average 26 cm) your forearms are naturally placed on the table. This way your shoulders are neither too high nor too low.

The height of the footrest in relation to the seat is defined in relation to your height so that the pressure on the seat is evenly distributed between the front and back of the cushion. This even distribution allows you to sit comfortably.

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Made in France

The MDF panels and cushions are laser-cut in our workshops in the Vendée.
The panels are then protected by 4 natural oils.

Data sheet

  • Seat foam

    High resilience synthetic rubber foam. Thickness 15 mm.

  • Frame

    MDF panels from Corrèze made with wood from French forests. The panels are protected by a natural hard oil (pearl effect) which gives a chocolate tint to the panels.

  • Structure finish

    PERLOleo Classic natural hard oil for indoor use. The oil nourishes the wood and has a water-repellent effect. It consists of vegetable oils, natural additives and oil derivatives.

  • About manufacturing

    Made in France from panels made of French wood. Precision cutting of the base to measure with a numerical control. Handcrafted finishing of the structure and cushions.

  • Armchair color

    Dark brown

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