• Stool Vins de Champagne with grape varieties
  • Stool Vins de Champagne height 44 to 86 cm
  • Stool Vins de Champagne with grape varieties, height 44 to 86 cm
  • Stool Vins de Champagne with grape varieties, height 44 to 86 cm
  • Stool Vins de Champagne with grape varieties, height 44 to 86 cm
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Stool Vins de Champagne with grape varieties, height 44 to 86 cm

  • Reference: T-CHAMP-POINT-0-0-MDF

The "Vins de Champagne" stool is part of the collection of custom-made stools on the theme of wine appellations.
On the sides are illustrated a bottle, a cup and a flute, while on the back are the main grape varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.
The stool is made to measure according to the height of your kitchen or dining room table, your central island or your bar (allow for a height equal to that of the table minus 28 cm on average).

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A stool on Champagne Wines at table height

The choice of the height of the stool allows you to adapt it to your morphology and your environment.

Made in the Pays de la Loire with panels from Corrèze

The Corrèze panels made from hardwood particles, and the cushions, are laser cut in our workshops in the Vendée.
The panels are protected from stains by a blend of 4 natural oils; this treatment gives the item a water-repellent effect and a waxed finish.

How to choose the height of your Vins de Champagne stool.

The forearms should rest naturally horizontally on the table, bar or worktop as shown below left.
On the right of the illustration the seat is too high and the person has a bent back.
If the stool is too low the shoulders go up; over time this uncomfortable position can generate muscle tension and neck pain.

Choosing the height of a stool

Other dimensions

Width 38 cm
Depth 38 cm

For other widths or depths please consult us.

About the grape varieties of Champagne Wines

Did you know? The grape varieties of Champagne wines are common or cushioned with the grape varieties of Burgundy wines.

In fact Chardonnay and the different varieties of Pinot ( Noir, Meunier, ...) belong to the Noirien family. The grandfather of the family is the Pinot Noir and the Grandmother the Gouais, a white grape variety now extinct.

A Champagne wine made from Chardonnay is a "Blanc de Blanc": the first "blanc" refers to the colour of the juice, while the second refers to the colour of the skin of the grape.
There are also "Blanc de Noir" champagnes blended from Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier, two grapes with black skins but white juice.

What about rosé champagne? Ruinart's is a blend of Pinot Noir vinified in red (the juice is left to macerate in the grape skins to colour) and Chardonnay.
I have read that Champagne is the only authorised French wine made from the blend of white and black grapes. Yet this blend is also characteristic of the famous Côte Rotie, further south, which combines Viognier (white) and Syrah (red).

The Chardonnay

Chardonnay produces exceptional white wines with just the right balance of mineral, fruit and flowers. The aromas are those of white and yellow-fleshed fruits.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir produces more robust champagnes.

Pinot Meunier

It produces champagnes similar to Pinot Noir, but a little fruitier and with less aging potential.

About glasses for drinking champagne

We chose to pair the bottle of champagne with a "coupe" and a "flute".
But which glass is better to use for drinking champagne?
To the "flute" prefer the "coupe". To drink from a flute you have to lift your head and twist your neck, which is uncomfortable and will deprive you of some of your taste buds.
But to the "coupe", a festive glass, prefer a classic wine glass for tasting, as it will allow a better perception of the wine complexity.

Data sheet

  • Seat foam

    High resilience synthetic rubber foam. Thickness 15 mm.

  • Frame

    MDF panels from Corrèze made with wood from French forests. The panels are protected by a natural hard oil (pearl effect) which gives a chocolate tint to the panels.

  • Structure finish

    PERLOleo Classic natural hard oil for indoor use. The oil nourishes the wood and has a water-repellent effect. It consists of vegetable oils, natural additives and oil derivatives.

  • About manufacturing

    Made in France from panels made of French wood. Precision cutting of the base to measure with a numerical control. Handcrafted finishing of the structure and cushions.

  • Armchair color

    Dark brown

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