• Stool Vins de Bourgogne with grape varieties, height 44 to 86 cm
  • Stool Vins de Bourgogne with grape varieties
  • Stool Vins de Bourgogne  height 44 to 86 cm
  • Stool height 75 cm for a bar
  • Stool height  62 cm for a high table in a kitchen
  • Stool height 46 cm for a dining table
Stool Vins de Bourgogne with grape varieties, height 44 to 86 cm zoom_in

Stool Vins de Bourgogne with grape varieties, height 44 to 86 cm

  • Reference: T-BOUR-POINT-0-0-MDF

The "Vins de Bourgogne" stool is part of the collection of custom-made stools on the theme of wine appellations.
On the sides are illustrated a bottle and glasses typical of the appellation, while on the back are the main grape varieties: Chardonnay and Aligoté for the whites, Pinot Noir and Gamay for the reds.
The stool is made to measure according to the height of your kitchen or dining room table, your central island or your bar (allow for a height equal to that of the table minus 28 cm on average).

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A stool on Provence Wines at the height of the table

The choice of the height of the stool allows you to adapt it to your morphology and to your environment.
By choosing a seat height equal to the height of the work surface minus 26 to 30 cm (on average 28 cm), your forearms rest naturally on the table. This way your shoulders are neither too high nor too low.

Made in the Pays de la Loire

The Corrèze panels made from hardwood particles and the cushions are laser cut in our workshops in the Vendée.
The panels are protected from stains by a combination of 4 natural oils; this treatment gives the item a water-repellent effect and a waxed finish.

How to choose the height?

The forearms should naturally rest horizontally on the table, bar or worktop as shown below left.
On the right-hand side of the illustration the seat is too high and the person's back is bent.
If the stool is too low, the shoulders move upwards; in the long run this uncomfortable position can cause muscle tension and neck pain.

Chosiir la hauteur d'un tabouret

Other dimensions

Width 38 cm
Depth 38 cm

Other dimensions available on request.  Contact us

About the grape varieties of Burgundy wines

In many regions, blending is used to produce a balanced wine by mixing the juice of several grape varieties. Blending is often necessary to achieve the right balance of flavours. 

One of the characteristics of Burgundy wines is the absence of blending. Each Burgundy wine is therefore made from a single grape variety. 


Chardonnay produces exceptional white wines with the right balance of minerals, fruit and flowers. The aromas are those of white and yellow flesh fruits.

Pinot Noir 

Pinot Noir produces the best red wines of Burgundy with aromas of red fruits and spices.

The colour of Burgundy red wines is light. This is because the juice of the pinot noir is white. It is during maceration and fermentation in the vat that the colouring matter, contained in the skin of the grape berries, gives the wine its colour 

In other regions, white wines are produced with Pinot Noir 


It has less good press than its cousin, the Pinot Noir. 

In fact, Gamay is said to be the result of a cross between Gouais, a white grape variety that has practically disappeared, and Pinot Noir. Once the preserve of Burgundy, it was eradicated because of its tendency to produce high yields on clay-limestone soils. However, on the poor, schistose soils of Beaujolais, it produces some very nice wines. 

Like its cousin Pinot Noir, it produces a white juice and its colour, tinted by the skin of the grape, is clear.

The Alligoté

Aligoté, a native Burgundian grape variety, adapts very easily to different types of soil and does wonders when its yields are controlled. It is found planted between Chablis and Mâcon.

The Burgundy melon 

It does not appear on the back of the stool, and for good reason, this grape variety originating in Burgundy is no longer cultivated there.
It is in fact the grape variety of the Muscadet wine, much further west.

Data sheet

  • Seat foam

    High resilience synthetic rubber foam. Thickness 15 mm.

  • Frame

    MDF panels from Corrèze made with wood from French forests. The panels are protected by a natural hard oil (pearl effect) which gives a chocolate tint to the panels.

  • Structure finish

    PERLOleo Classic natural hard oil for indoor use. The oil nourishes the wood and has a water-repellent effect. It consists of vegetable oils, natural additives and oil derivatives.

  • About manufacturing

    Made in France from panels made of French wood. Precision cutting of the base to measure with a numerical control. Handcrafted finishing of the structure and cushions.

  • Armchair color

    Dark brown

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