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Sofa with high back and seat suitable for small, medium and large sizes

  • Reference: S-LANG-3-9-VALC

This sofa offers a high backrest for a comfortable rest.
A 3° seat angle allows you to stand up with a minimum of effort, or to combine it with a table for eating or playing.
The choice of seat width allows it to be adapted to small spaces if necessary.

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The functional benefits of the bespoke sofa with high back

The 3° seat, combined with a customised seat height, makes it easy to stand up or to combine the sofa with a table for playing or eating.

The high backrest allows you to comfortably rest your shoulders against the cushion. And because the depth of the seat is chosen according to your height you have an upright sitting posture, without the seat pressing against your calves.

It is also possible on request to have a bookshelf on the right or left side ( sou on both sides) to put books, glasses, remote controls or phone.

The high back sofa is designed for indoor or outdoor use under cover.

This sofa has a structure consisting of 4 panels with slots; it can be disassembled without tools for moving or storing in a compact space.
This sofa comes flat packed and it can be assembled without tools.

Because we believe an armchair should be tailored like a garment, depending on your sizes, we will ask for your measurements to make a seat to fit your body shape when you order. To take these measurements simply follow our guide.
This bespoke manufacturing has another advantage: you can adapt the width of your sofa to suit the space you have available.

Data sheet

  • Seat foam

    High resilience Bultex firm foam with a density of 40 Kg/m3. Thickness 50 mm. Bultex is a high quality foam for a lasting support.

  • Backrest foam

    Bultex high resilience PU foam 30 Kg/m3 thickness 50 mm for a lasting support and comfort

  • Seat angle

    The angle of the seat is 3° (to the ground) and the angle of the backrest is 9° (to the vertical). It is an ideal position around a table to eat or play cards.

  • Frame

    19 mm thick Valchromat panels, tinted with organic dyes. On the surface there are small pure wood fibres which have not absorbed the organic dyes.

  • About manufacturing

    Made in France (in Vendée). Precision machining of the panels on numerical control.

  • Delivery and assembly

    Delivery flat-pack to reduce CO2 emission, in a wooden crate. The grooved panels can be assembled without tools (some accessories may require the use of a screwdriver for assembly).

  • Maintenance

    The cushions are removable. The panels can be cleaned with a cloth soaked in liquid soap.

  • Armchair color