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Reading armchair, with customisable quote

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"Adventure often has  heavy legs, and chooses as its nave an armchair in front of the fireplace."
The last  tales of  Canterbury by   Jean Ray.
The quote on the side can be personalised (maximum 20 words). The name of the author and the work must complete the quote.
The armchair is available in different sizes for small or big adventurers.

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What are the advantages of a custom made reading chair

For a tall man a seat at the right height avoids having his knees in the air. The depth and height of the seat adapted to the user's height allows the pressure to be well distributed in the seat for more comfort.

For a tall man a seat at the right height avoids having his knees in the air.

For a short man a good seat height avoids having his feet in the air and a good depth allows you to sit well.

The choice of quote for the reading chair

You will find here different quotes that can replace the one illustrated on the chair above, such as:

"It is enough for me to sit back in my chair and think. Hercule Poirot, Five Little Pig by Agatha Christie."

"At a certain age, the two arms of an armchair attract you more than the two arms of a woman. "Gustave Flaubert

"At a certain age, the two arms of an armchair attract you more than the two arms of a man." You?

"Don't be inexorable to that armchair which held out its arms to you a quarter of an hour ago; satisfy a little the desire it has to kiss you. "The Precious Ridiculous (1659), Molière

"He was sitting, or rather slumped in a large armchair, with his arms hanging down, his legs stretched out and limp ..." ( Tales of the Woodcock (1883), Guy de Maupassant's Fear )

A little technique

The letters are laser cut. The laser cut is black and therefore easily readable.
The structure is made of fine particle board from French wood. Protected by an assembly of 4 oils it offers a water-repellent surface, with a waxed appearance.

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Data sheet

  • Seat foam

    High resilience synthetic rubber foam. Thickness 15 mm.

  • Seat angle

    The angle of the seat is 9° (to the ground) and the angle of the backrest is 18° (to the vertical).

  • Frame

    MDF panels from Corrèze made with wood from French forests. The panels are protected by a natural hard oil (pearl effect) which gives a chocolate tint to the panels.

  • Structure finish

    PERLOleo Classic natural hard oil for indoor use. The oil nourishes the wood and has a water-repellent effect. It consists of vegetable oils, natural additives and oil derivatives.

  • About manufacturing

    Made in France from panels made of French wood. Precision cutting of the base to measure with a numerical control. Handcrafted finishing of the structure and cushions.

  • Delivery and assembly

    Delivery flat-pack to reduce CO2 emission, in a wooden crate. The grooved panels can be assembled without tools (some accessories may require the use of a screwdriver for assembly).

  • Armchair color

    Dark brown

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