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Custom-made lounge chair Smiley, for indoor or outdoor useb yellow zoom_in

Custom-made lounge chair Smiley, for indoor or outdoor use

  • Reference: F-LANG-COURT-9-18-VALC

The Smiley is an armchair designed for all living rooms: garden living room, indoor living room or event living room.
It is made to your measurements, so you can sit comfortably in it, whatever your body type.

The discharge in front of the ischiums (the eyes of the Smiley) and the made-to-measure manufacture allow to improve comfort and posture.
The cut-out at the bottom of the backrest provides lumbar support so that the spine retains its natural shape.

To store or move the Smiley chair, a simple allen key is needed to assemble and disassemble it.

Options for the Smiley armchair to discover at the bottom of this page

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A tailor-made chair that takes care of you

The Smiley is tailor-made for you to sit in comfort.

Thanks to the right height and depth of the seat, the blood circulation is more natural. You can sit longer and recover faster.
This effect is reinforced by the two holes in the ischiums (the eyes of the Smiley).

Improve your posture in the chair against back pain

The seat depth is adapted to your height, so that your back rests against the backrest.
The cut-out at the bottom of the backrest allows the top of the backrest to act as a lumbar support. This way the spine retains its natural S-shape.

An armchair for indoors or outdoors

The panels in Valchromat are waterproof and protected by an anti-UV oil; you can therefore install the Smiley outside (under shelter or outside by protecting the horizontal seat).
For the outside you can cover the Smiley with a closed cell foam cushion and for the inside with water-repellent removable cushions.


With the help of an allen key you can loosen the brackets and quickly dismantle your Smiley.

Functional accessories to personalize the Smiley chair

You can add options to the Smiley so that it meets your expectations:

    a side table to hold a glass, glasses or remote control
    a shelf under the seat for magazines or your cat
    two wide armrests at the front for easy access

Data sheet

  • Seat angle

    Angle of the seat 12°, angle of the backrest is 22.5°

  • Frame

    19 mm thick Valchromat panels, tinted with organic dyes. On the surface there are small pure wood fibres which have not absorbed the organic dyes.

  • About manufacturing

    Made in France (in Vendée). Precision machining of the panels on numerical control.

  • Delivery and assembly

    Delivery flat-pack to reduce CO2 emission, in a wooden crate. The grooved panels can be assembled without tools (some accessories may require the use of a screwdriver for assembly).


  • Measurement guide for a chair - How to take measurements to make a chair or a bar stool ?

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