Mon Siège à Moi selects its suppliers taking into account environmental criteria.

Electricity is required to manufacture the products.
The electricity for the Mon Siège à Moi workshop located in Montaigu in Vendée is currently (January 2020) supplied by Vattenfall. This company offers carbon neutral electricity, i.e. electricity produced from sources that emit virtually no CO2 and other greenhouse gases, the main cause of global warming.

The coloured (red, blue, yellow, ...) structures of the chairs are cut out of a Valchromat panel,
This wood fibre panel is dyed in its thickness with organic dyes.
The structure is durable: if the surface of the panel is scratched, simply sand it to recover the original colour.

In the case of the oiled armchairs (chocolate or coffee colour) the Corrèze panels are made from hardwoods from French forests (conforming to EN 622-5). The wood is then protected by a hard oil composed of vegetable oils, natural additives and oleaginous derivatives.

The logistical impact is reduced thanks to the flat packing of the chairs.
The panels can be disassembled to take up a minimum of space during transport, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

The My Own Seat chair is designed to last but it can also be recycled,
In the Valchromat colored panel factory the remaining wood chips from the production of the panels are used to feed the boiler: the energy recovery carried out makes it possible to produce all the energy necessary for the operation of the production unit without burning fossil fuels.

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