• Pointillé armchair 12°,  made to measure, with or without cushions
  • Pointillé armchair 12°,  made to measure, with or without cushions
Pointillé armchair 12°,  made to measure, with or without cushions zoom_in

Pointillé armchair 12°, made to measure, with or without cushions

  • Reference: F-POINT-COURT-12-22-MDF

To provide you with lasting comfort, our chairs are made to order, to your size.
The seat angle of the "Pointillé" armchair is tilted at 12°, so you slide naturally towards the back of the chair, so that your back is well supported against the backrest.
You can choose to buy the chair without cushions, with thin synthetic rubber cushions or with thick, removable cushions made of high-resilience foam.

For other dimensions than those proposed in the drop-down menus, please follow the guide and complete the field below. You must save the customisation before adding the product to the basket. You may also be interested in our table of average seat dimensions by size.

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What are the advantages of a custom-made chair?

Made to measure, this backcare chair offers
. a seat height and depth which, by harmoniously distributing the support pressures, improves blood circulation; this avoids pain felt in the buttocks, due to poor vascularisation in relation to the ischiums.
. a seating depth that allows you to sit at the bottom of the chair, with your back resting against the backrest; the column thus retains its natural curvature
. the seat does not rest against the calf so that venous return is not hindered.
. a seat angle of 12° reinforces these benefits by making it easier for the back to rest against the backrest and reducing pressure on the seat.
The spine can keep its normal S shape (1 and 2)

With or without cushions

You can buy the "Pointillé" chair with or without cushions.

There are two types of cushions.

The first set of cushions is made of synthetic rubber and has a thickness of 15 mm. This foam is very robust and easy to maintain and is used for example to make yoga mats.

The second set of cushions has a thickness of 6 cm for the seat and 5 cm for the backrest.
Polyurethane foams are highly resilient, which means that they retain their original properties for a long time.
The seat foam is relatively firm so that you can easily get up from the chair.
The covers are water-repellent and machine washable.

Data sheet

  • Seat foam

    High resilience Bultex firm foam with a density of 40 Kg/m3. Thickness 50 mm. Bultex is a high quality foam for a lasting support.
    High resilience synthetic rubber foam. Thickness 15 mm.

  • Backrest foam

    Bultex high resilience PU foam 30 Kg/m3 thickness 50 mm for a lasting support and comfort

  • Seat angle

    Angle of the seat 12°, angle of the backrest is 22.5°

  • Frame

    MDF panels from Corrèze made with wood from French forests. The panels are protected by a natural hard oil (pearl effect) which gives a chocolate tint to the panels.

  • Structure finish

    PERLOleo Classic natural hard oil for indoor use. The oil nourishes the wood and has a water-repellent effect. It consists of vegetable oils, natural additives and oil derivatives.

  • About manufacturing

    Made in France from panels made of French wood. Precision cutting of the base to measure with a numerical control. Handcrafted finishing of the structure and cushions.

  • Delivery and assembly

    Delivery flat-pack to reduce CO2 emission, in a wooden crate. The grooved panels can be assembled without tools (some accessories may require the use of a screwdriver for assembly).

  • Maintenance

    The cushions are removable. The panels can be cleaned with a cloth soaked in liquid soap.

  • Armchair color

    Dark brown

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