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The garden furniture, a natural extension of the house

An extension of the living room or dining room, the terrace, garden or balcony is a natural living space that is rediscovered every year with the arrival of the good weather. Depending on your morphology, create a cosy nest in the heart of your garden.

Two choices are available to you, the classic garden furniture which comes in one standard size. If you are big or small your comfort will be average. The use of your space will not necessarily be optimized.

Or you can create your own custom-made garden furniture. Choosing the height, depth and width of your seating will allow you to optimise your comfort and have a straight sitting posture.

Garden furniture adapted to my outdoor spaces

Outdoor furniture must adapt to all environments: in the city, on a small terrace or a large balcony, garden furniture must allow for optimal use of space, while in the country, large gardens allow for freedom from constraints.
For smaller spaces, opt for tailor-made garden furniture that will allow you to make the most of your outdoor space.
Furniture that can be dismantled can be stored in a compact space or simply moved.

Eco-responsible garden furniture

For an eco-responsible manufacture, the structure of our armchairs, sofas and table tops is mainly made of birch.
The FINCOF® plywood we use is a panel made of 1.4 mm thick cross-ply birch veneers, BB quality, coated on both sides with a smooth phenolic film.

The surface coating guarantees high resistance to abrasion and punching. It is unaffected by weather, moisture, heat and common chemicals (acids and alkalis). The edges are protected with a varnish.

The right cushions for my garden furniture

For the upholstery material we use high-resilience foams that guarantee long-lasting comfort over time. The cushions are removable and the water-repellent fabrics are easy to clean.