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Its history

It is at the beginning of the 17th century in Great Britain, that this style of armchair would have been invented. The houses of the time are very poorly insulated and draughts circulate. The winged armchair is placed in front of the fireplace, and the side wings protect the ears and throat from draughts. Moreover, the first versions of armchairs have wooden ears which prove that their role was not to support the sleeper's head.

In France it was not until the beginning of the 18th century that the ears were adapted to the shepherdess style armchair, a large armchair with an upholstered back. The shepherdess with ears or orillons or in confessional is moreover the most common shepherdess.

The armchair with wings revisited by Mon Siège à Moi

"Mon Siège à Moi" has  choosen to dust off the 18th century winged chair by making some improvements to the 21st century one while preserving its style and comfort.
Its manufacture on numerical control makes it possible from now on to manufacture it according to the measurements of each individual and this within a short time. If you are taller than average you will be much more comfortable than in a standard chair. And if you are smaller than average, you will have a posture adapted to your back and your feet will touch the ground without having to wear heels.

To make it easier for you to get up, the armrests have been lengthened.

You will be able to equip your wing chair with a leg rest for a more reclined position that will promote circulation and facilitate recovery. The legrest "My Seat" has the particularity of automatically reclining to perfectly follow the curve of your calves.
An armchair for resting ...

With its high backrest, the winged armchair allows you to rest. The seat is inclined backwards so that your back is well supported on the back of the chair. The upper body is thus supported laterally and its weight is partly supported by the backrest. The result is a reduction in pressure on the seat and a lasting feeling of comfort.
... but also for eating and recreation

To read you can equip it with a reading light or to eat it with a tablet.
If you are watching TV from your armchair you can put the remote control on the edge of the seat.
The armchair with ears ... for all styles!

For natural interiors you can opt for a structure with a linseed oil finish.
For design houses we offer a structure in grey or black Valchromat.
And if you like colour, we also offer you structures coloured in the mass for a long-lasting pleasure.